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Rheumatism Can Be A Lifetime Threat

Rheumatism sufferers sometimes forget about their illness because the symptoms they experience are relatively not too disturbing. However, if rheumatism is allowed to become a chronic disease and difficult to cure. This was stated by dr. Rizasyah Daud, in Bogor, West Java, recently. It’s so long, sufferers often choose alternative healing than seeing a doctor. In fact, traditional herbal medicine can cause damage to other organs.

Rizasyah explained, rheumatism is a term to describe the occurrence of joint, muscle, or soft tissue disorders. “People often equate rheumatism with arthritis which means joint inflammation, even though the two are very different,” he explained. Usually rheumatism begins with symptoms of gout, soreness, and pain in the bones. Sometimes the symptoms are accompanied by excessive fatigue and lethargy. In fact, in some cases sufferers will experience painful muscle spasms and back pain. Similar complaints will also appear in arthritis sufferers.

Rheumatic disease turns out to be indiscriminate. Rizasyah said that rheumatism affects one in a thousand children aged one to four years. Most children develop rheumatism due to trauma and infection in the bones. Meanwhile, young people are usually the result of excessive joint use. “Most athletes suffer from rheumatism due to sprains in the knee or ankle,” added Rizasyah. However, of these types of diseases, ankylosing spondylitis is the main cause of bent bones. In this case heredity has a very big role, but not total genetics.

On this basis, people are advised not to eat too many dishes with high cholesterol. Although it is not a taboo, people who often eat foods made from offal or nuts are believed to be more likely to suffer from rheumatism. However, Rizasyah assured that the habit of bathing at night is not the cause of rheumatism like the myth that has been circulating so far.