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    Greetings doc. I was sick last week, after checking my liver function was high, because I was not satisfied, I went to the internist in my internist was asked to check for IF and hepatitis, for negative hepatitis results but my IF ANA> 1: 320 I became very stressed because it was related to autoimmune consul back to internist I am healthy and have been allowed to come to work. Due to high work intensity and forgetting to eat, I was hospitalized again with an ulcer complaint and the doctor told me that I had inflammatory bowel entritis due to food, at that time the doctor also asked for a blood check for ana profile as well as sgpt and sgot and the results were normal. But ana Profile in a week will come out I feel very stressed about autoimmune disease since then I returned to experience stiffness in the toes and hands as usual without pain or stiffness or swelling, no other symptoms I am very worried about ana tiiter 1: 320 positive autoimmune doc?

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