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    Good afternoon, permission to ask doc, I have complaints that my right eye can not see, after checking with the doctor, the eye was said to have had an eye stroke. there was a blockage in the retinal centarl blood vessel in my right eye that made my right eye still unable to see. from the ophthalmologist, I was asked intensely to go to a hematology consultant because the eye doctor explained that my eye stroke was a systemic impact of the disturbance on the blood. After going to a hematologist, and undergoing a progil ANA test, he found positive histone indicators, while my hematology consultant revealed that there was an autoimmune disease that could be SLE, or RA. further what action should i do, doc? because from the hematology consultant I have not yet recommended a more specific test whether SLE or RA. please advise doter, thank you very much

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