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    5 years ago, Sy’s wrist suddenly hurt and then swollen and stiff in the morning. I took it to orthopedics in a claim for calcification of joints, then I was given inflammation medicine and pain relievers and asked for physiotherapy. But it did not heal until limited hand movement. Entering year 3 suddenly my left wrist also hurt and then swollen and stiff in the morning and limited hand movement. At the same time, Sy’s left knee was also sore and swollen so that it couldn’t be bent. I took it to orthopedics to claim infection and got to surgery. After surgery, it was still painful and swollen. Currently, my right knee and right wrist are swollen and sore. I also can’t squat at all. Sometimes all the muscles in Sy’s body hurt too. However, Sy never had a high fever but had chills once in a while. I’m worried that this pain will spread to several other joint points quickly. Did Sy have RA?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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