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    Dear Doctor, I have had a long pain in 2006. In early 2010 the pain was only in the left elbow (one point), after a long period of time this pain spread to the entire left arm, then it lasted a long time to spread to the neck shoulder and to the entire right arm. the ones I press in either the left or right arm all hurt. besides that the pain is like a constant pain and acid, especially if I work a lot and are busy at this. and I can’t lift more than 2 kg. if forced, after that the pain increases. Besides that, the left and right fingers are also pressed by pain and the toes are pressed by pain. Where have you been treated, including MRI on the neck, good, the X-ray on the left arm in 2010 was also good, but still no disease was found? or because of conditions, or tendons or joints is still uncertain. Please help, can this be cured?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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