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    Doc, I want to ask about my mother (54 years old). My mother has been sick for a year, my mother has gone to medical doctors, my mother was diagnosed with ailments such as rheumatic fever, lupus and lastly she said my mother had erythema nodosum. Symptoms are such as pain in the joints in the ankles and hands and are followed by the appearance of red-black lumps like bumps and when you touch it, it hurts. Before the lump appeared, my mother had a fever, doc, it’s been 2 years since my mother continued to take pain medication to reduce pain when the lump appeared … is itching on the surface of the facial skin to be precise around the cheeks and nose, sometimes the cheeks and nose are red, itchy and swollen. Why is that, doc? I really love my mother doc, I am very worried about her condition, please help doc

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