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    doc..starting from the knees down, my bones ache and sometimes it hurts so much that I can’t do any activity and it’s hard to move .. even the arms are like that .. what do I suffer ?? At first I was kseleo but I ignored it, then the legs from the knees down and the hands appeared red bumps without festering, as a result my legs were stiff and painful I went to the doctor 1 the result was bitten by insects, but still not healed, I went to the 2nd doctor’s skin specialist the result was drug allergy, and the lumps began to disappear and a black mark (burnt), but joint pain was still there. Then I went to the 3rd doctor, I was advised to go to the heart specialist, I was afraid of rheumatic heart. Then I had a normal heart record and the 4th doctor said I was healthy. But until now the pain was still sick and for difficult roads … I was confused because 4 doctors had different results. and I haven’t recovered until now

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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