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I was diagnosed with AS 17 years ago (I’m 34 now).
There’s no solution for that but you can reduce the pain as much as you can. What I do is:

– Eat healthy – avoid inflammatory/processed foods (I dont drink milk, dont eat meat, sugar not too much :P, alcohol not too much) Basically research what is a healthy diet and stick to it

– No smoking

– Stretching everyday and gym everyday if possible. Mobility exercices for my spine also

– Reduce stress as much as you can

– Bowen Therapy (it’s similar with acupuncture but without needles.

– Don’t stay sit for too long!

Of course there’s days I don’t do that, there’s days I eat junk food, but I tried to follow the above “rules” as much as I can 😉

I’m always open to try different kind of alternative medicines.